My daughter is brave.  Not because she talks a big game, but because she takes courageous action.  Last night she auditioned for a musical.  She took the stage, sang for strangers, and attempted a dance she didn’t know (poor thing doesnt even take dance lessons).  I wouldn’t have done what she did when I was 10 and I likely would not do it now.   She is a wonder and an inspiration.

Most of us are cowards.  We play it safe – speak up only when we know the answer, follow the rules, resort to the tried-and-true, elect the sure thing, follow the masses.  We are terrified to do the thing that makes us vulnerable, singles us out, exposes us to risk.  We avoid failure and shun embarrassment.

Playing it safe, is so…well, safe.  It is predictable and gets moderate results.  We avoid disaster, but we also avoid doing anything of real importance.  Don’t pat yourself on the back for sitting on the sidelines, for being a critic.  Anyone can do that!

Do something risky.  That is how you change the world, that is how you innovate, that is how you matter.  Do something courageous and then take your bow.