Work together—for real.

Sure, you work with others. But do you really work together? Does everyone bring all of their best skills and qualities to the table? And if so, are you melded together in the very best way?

A team is not simply a collection of talent, but a living system with its own needs, strengths, weaknesses and values. So, groups must put in intentional effort and work  to be a team and to reach their highest potential.

How do you work with groups?

WORKSHOPS: Sometimes teams need help building communication or collaboration skills. In that case, we provide customized workshops designed to create common understandings and consistent practices (think active listening, goal-setting, conflict resolution and more).

TEAM COACHING: Other times, the challenges stem from workplace conflicts and tension. For these situations, group coaching can help. Like individual coaching, a coach will work to identify what’s holding the group back. Through carefully facilitated conversations, the coach will then help teams address and resolve impediments to performance.

What kinds of issues can be addressed through team sessions?

A coach may use multiple approaches (individual discussions, small group sessions, workshops or more) to create greater team alignment and skillfulness. Common team challenges include:

  • Building best practices or protocols to improve team productivity
  • Reducing miscommunication and tension among team members
  • Developing stronger, more inclusive cultures
  • Creating shared values and workplace norms
  • Navigating change and building resiliency

How large does the group have to be?

It can be as few as two people…or it could be a leadership team, a cross-functional group or a sub-group of the organization. It all depends on what you need.

Let's connect and talk about your needs.