Move forward (and leave behind what doesn’t work).

Our coaching gives you the support you need to get more of what you want professionally and personally.

We’ll pair you with a coach who can help you look at your life and identify what matters most to you—and how to achieve it.

What makes coaching unique?

Coaching focuses on how to level-up as a person and as a leader, which ultimately has a positive impact on your business.

You may talk about tactical decisions or specific business challenges, but ultimately coaching is about you—what’s working for you, where you’re getting in your own way, the competencies you already have, and the ones you need to develop. 

You are the one in the big chair. The only person you control or have the power to change is you. Coaching is a precious and valuable opportunity to look inward, engage in deep reflection, and focus on positive behavioral change.

What kinds of issues can be addressed through coaching?

A coach works with you to uncover the “gaps” between your present situation and your desired goals—and then helps you close the gap.

Gaps can be almost anything, including:

  • Insufficient focus and time dedicated to the development of important people skills 
  • Lack of a career development plan, consistent follow-through and/or third-party feedback
  • Inability to identify blind spots and understand how they are hindering your career growth
  • Mismatches between your way of getting things done and your client or co-workers’ preferred approach

How does coaching work?

One-hour coaching sessions are conducted by phone, online and/or in person. Because the benefits of coaching build over time, an initial coaching engagement is typically 10 weekly (or bi-weekly) sessions.

The coaching plan is built around your needs. In addition to 1:1 sessions, coaching may involve self-assessments (such as leadership, communication or personality indicators), third-party feedback or other tools designed to bring you greater understanding and awareness.

Let's connect and talk about your needs.