When you signed up for my blog I promised to provide you with innovative strategies for developing the leadership and management skills you need to excel personally and professionally and to be successful at the highest level of your career. I recognize that lately my posts have been pretty infrequent and want to explain why. We at Premier Leadership Coaching have been hard at work on a new offering! You may already have heard about it, but in the event you have not, I am pleased to share this new resource with you now. I hope that you are as excited about it as we are!

I recently have begun a new initiative as a guest writer for Westlaw, a well-respected legal service firm. As a Becoming Outstandingly Great subscriber, I want to make sure you have access to this new body of work. While these posts appear to be directed at only attorneys, if you scratch the surface just a little they actually apply to high-achievers and high-potentials in all fields. My latest post, What Kind of Lawyer Are You Actually?, looks at how a certain mindset can lead to self-limiting behavior and can eliminate opportunities. I invite you to click on the link below to check out this article and reflect on these behaviors and how they might be impacting your professional success:


As always, I would greatly appreciate your feedback. I want to make sure that Becoming Outstandingly Great is helping you obtain your goals such as generating exceptional business results, obtaining a leadership position, and mastering more effective interpersonal behaviors. I cannot do it without you! Please let me know how I am doing by clicking on the link to our subscriber survey below:


Enjoy the next posts at Becoming Outstandingly Great and the Westlaw Insider. You will be seeing more of me at both sites shortly. Here’s to achieving outstanding greatness!