What Clients Say

“Your Presentation was fantastic! … You are an excellent speaker and the contents were just so fascinating! … I just love this ‘stuff’… Looking forward to hearing you speak on this subject in the Future!”

Sloan Properties

“Your program was very beneficial, you were articulate and on message throughout the presentation – I left with a number of tangible strategies which I plan on implementing.”

Dean B., Real Estate Developer

“Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your workshop. It was extremely informative and I truly see how many can benefit from your experience. You are excellent at what you do and your insight is fantastic.”

Associate Director, Downtown Development Authority

“You helped me immensely in one session. It was like a different person speaking when I returned back to my office.”


“I had the privilege of attending a Leadership course lead by Alexa through CREW Miami and had no idea the extent of my takeaways. Her presentations were thought provoking, timely and energetic. More importantly, she created a comradery and level of trust among all the participants that kept us engaged no matter how busy work and life got. Alexa’s Leadership teachings transcended more than the professional matters but also addressed personal aspects critical for a balanced life. It goes without saying that I would recommend Alexa for anyone looking to invest in themselves professionally & personally.”

Ligia Ines Labrada


“Alexa did an incredible job facilitating a Diversity and Inclusion Summit for leaders in the legal profession here in Palm Beach County! Her great humor, ability to helps us distill and grasp ideas and concepts relating to diversity and inclusion, and her natural ability to pull out the best on people are her most amazing assets. Her work is inspirational and participants will definitely be inspired!”

Victoria Mesa-Estrada

Employment Law/Civil Rights Litigator, Employment Compliance Monitor/Investigator, and Immigration Attorney

“Alexa’s guidance helped me realize unforeseen potential and create an action plan. She was an excellent listener and provided encouraging feedback. Her approach during our one-on-one sessions was candid, thorough, and tailored for my specific needs. She would be a top-quality resource for any working professional seeking personal growth and development.”

Ashley Barron

“Alexa has a very strong ability to hone in on something that has been eluding your own recognition and understanding. She also has a great ability to facilitate understanding between colleagues and shift outlooks in a positive way to move everyone forward. I highly recommend working with Alexa!”

Jana La Sorte

Cultivating Strategies, Communities & Changemakers

“Alexa is calm, focused and professional. She is able to listen to your ideas, concerns and help you formulate and streamline what it is you want to focus on. She has great skill in getting you to identify your goals. Very personable and is able to work with staff on all levels. I highly recommend Alexa as a leadership coach.”

Charlotte Leonard

C-Suite Healthcare Executive | Senior Healthcare Administrator | Cost-Conscious Operations Strategist