I use various types of assessment tools in coaching to increase my understanding of the executives and leaders I coach.

Assessments benefit my clients in the following ways:

  • Allows the individual to learn more about himself.
  • Gives the individual the ability to learn more about himself in relation to others.
  • Provides the individual with the opportunity to understand how he is perceived by others.

Assessments can be used to:

  • Gather data and information from various sources
  • Assist the client in expanding perspective (self awareness and perceptions of others)
  • Clarify “life purpose” and “core values”
  • Determine the competencies for success
  • Identify unique talents and developmental challenges
  • Surface “blind spots” and facilitate taking informed action.

Before I use any assessment I ask myself:

  • What is the question I want this assessment to answer?
  • How does the information that this assessment gives me move the client towards greater understanding and awareness in reaching his goals in coaching?