Leadership Development


Premier Leadership Coaching, LLC helps enhance the quality of leadership within an individual and organization. We assist leaders in cultivating the “10 best” leadership practices and closely follow leadership trends and the leader actions that get the most success.

The performance-oriented program we utilize to develop leadership competencies follows:

  • Identify your overall goals in leadership training. We identify the critical leadership practices needed to meet the future business objectives of the individual and organization.
  • Assess current practices. We consider performance gaps, growth gaps and opportunities gaps, conduct self assessments and collect input from others. We provide powerful 360° confidential feedback on individual leadership strengths and developmental needs and chart a developmental course that enhances contribution to organizational performance.360® feedback can be delivered in a 2 day developmental workshop, one to one, or as part of a team development initiative. Coaching can further support long-term behavior change goals.
  • Develop a strategy to create large-scale change within an organization. We strategize with you to create a tailored learning strategy that builds your leadership capability, ultimately impacting your company’s productivity and profits.
  • Evaluate your leadership training plan and experience. We help you asses and make value judgments on whether you achieved your training goals.
  • Follow-up after completion. We provide leaders with a reassessment after 12 to 18 months to allow them and the organization to measure progress and update action plans.


I use various types of assessment tools in coaching to increase my understanding of the executives and leaders I coach.

Assessments benefit my clients in the following ways:

  • Allows the individual to learn more about himself.
  • Gives the individual the ability to learn more about himself in relation to others.
  • Provides the individual with the opportunity to understand how he is perceived by others.

Assessments can be used to:

  • Gather data and information from various sources
  • Assist the client in expanding perspective (self awareness and perceptions of others)
  • Clarify “life purpose” and “core values”
  • Determine the competencies for success
  • Identify unique talents and developmental challenges
  • Surface “blind spots” and facilitate taking informed action.

Before I use any assessment I ask myself:

  • What is the question I want this assessment to answer?
  • How does the information that this assessment gives me move the client towards greater understanding and awareness in reaching his goals in coaching?

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