Premier Leadership Coaching’s Valued Partners Program

Establishing Partnerships – Achieving Outstanding Greatness Together

An Invitation

Premier Leadership Coaching, LLC would like to invite you to participate in an exciting new venture – the inaugural year of our Valued Partners Program. Given our positive history of collaborating on programs and projects, a targeted expansion of our already successful relationship is a natural progression that will result in substantial benefits for both parties.

Program Description

Premier Leadership Coaching’s Valued Partners Program is a cooperative alliance where both parties make a minimal, yet, important contribution in order to realize significant benefits that could not have been achieved by either party alone.

Our Role:

As a Valued Partner, we will promote your organization to our blog subscribers and clients by hosting your organization’s logo on our website. Your logo will also be hyperlinked to the webpage of your choice, allowing our contacts to easily connect with you, and potentially increase your membership and generate additional revenue for your organization. Additionally, we will provide to your organization one free webinar a quarter (for a total of four per calendar year) for your membership on topics that aid in goal clarification and action plan development and result in increased productivity, resourcefulness, and success.

Your Role:

In return, we ask that you assist in the promotion of the aforementioned webinars and our services to your membership.   To that end, we would request that you feature the Premier Leadership Coaching logo on your website and/or other applicable media outlets and publications as well as refer your colleagues to Premier Leadership Coaching for future coaching engagements.

We view our relationship with you as a partnership and are open to discussing the terms of this invitation.  Please contact Premier Leadership Coaching’s President, Alexa Sherr Harley, to talk about this opportunity in greater detail. Also, to  get a feel for Alexa’s coaching philosophy, please take a look at the Premier Leadership Coaching blog: Becoming Outstandingly Great at